Rotation schedule of Supervisory Board

Name Year of last appointment Eligible for reappointment in  To retire no later than in
C. de Jong (**) 2017 2021 2029
J.W. Addink-Berendsen (*) 2018   2022
R.H.A. Gerritzen (**) 2018 2022 2030
W.M. Wunnekink (*) 2019 2023 2027
C.J.M. van Rijn (***) 2016   2020
V.A.M. Hulshof (*) 2018 2022 2026


(*) The Company deviates from best practice provision 2.2.2 of the Code in relation to persons who were members of the Supervisory Board on 1 January 2017; for such persons the Company applies the principle that they can be reappointed for a third term of four years.

(**) Members of the Supervisory Board who have been or are appointed after the aforementioned date are in principle subject to best practice provision 2.2.2 of the Code.

(***) In principle to retire no later than 2020 in relation to the intention of Mr. Van Rijn to not make himself available for reappointment.

Lochem, 26 April 2019