Executive Board ForFarmers N.V.

The Executive Board of ForFarmers consists of the following members:

Theo Spierings - CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

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Member Executive Board and Executive Team
Theo Spierings (1964, Dutch nationality) joined ForFarmers on 1 January 2023. He was appointed to the Executive Board as CEO of ForFarmers with effect from 17 January 2023. As CEO he is ultimately responsible for all strategic and operational matters. He has been appointed for one year.

Theo Spierings has a bachelor’s degree in food technology and an MBA from Glasgow University. he started his career at Friesland Foods, where he was CEO at the time of the merger with Campina. Subsequently, he served as CEO of Fonterra, the New Zealand-based global dairy nutrition cooperative, for eight years. Since then, he has established a consultancy firm to assist companies with transformation and sustainable business practices. The consultancy focuses mainly on companies in the agricultural sector.

Roeland Tjebbes – CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Roeland Tjebbes

Member of Executive Board and Executive Team
Roeland Tjebbes (1969, Dutch Nationality)joined ForFarmers on 1 March 2020. On 24 April 2020 he was appointed to the Executive Board of ForFarmers for a four-year term. In his role as CFO he heads the departments of Control/Finance, Information Technology (IT), Legal Affairs, Risk Management, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) and Investor Relations. He will be eligible for reappointment for another four-year term at the AGM in 2024.

Roeland Tjebbes has a degree in business economics from the University of Maastricht and also attained a postgraduate degree as chartered accountant from Tilburg University. After working as an accountant for several years he held  financial management positions at various companies in the food and animal feed sector, including Perfetti Van Melle, Nutreco, Vion and Hoogwegt Group. He is also a member of the supervisory board of Royal Koopmans.

Pieter Wolleswinkel – COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Pieter Wolleswinkel

Member of Executive Board and Executive Team
Pieter Wolleswinkel (1977, Dutch nationality) joined ForFarmers in 2014 as director of the business unit North Germany at ForFarmers Germany and in 2018 he became director of the business unit Pigs at ForFarmers Nederland. He was appointed Managing Director of ForFarmers Nederland on 1 January 2019. ForFarmers Belgium became part of his portfolio at a later date. On 14 April 2022 he was appointed to the Executive Board as COO of ForFarmers. His current four-year term ends at the AGM in 2026, at which time he will be eligible for reappointment for another four years.

Pieter Wolleswinkel grew up on a mixed farm. He has a degree in veterinary medicine and obtained an MBA from the TIAS School for Business and Society in 2010. After his studies he worked as a veterinarian for several years and  then in international managerial positions at Provimi (now Cargill).

Executive Team

The Executive Team consists of the Executive Board members and other members who assist the Executive Board. This includes the managing directors of Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom, and the directors of Supply Chain, M&A and Strategy, and HR.

  • Ernst Friedlaender is Managing Director ForFarmers Germany.
  • Pawel Swierkula is Managing Director of ForFarmers/Tasomix in Poland.
  • Steven Read is Managing Director of ForFarmers UK  and head of the Marketing and Innovation departments.
  • Arthur van Och is Director of Supply Chain.
  • Rob Kiers is Director of M&A and Strategy
  • Luc de Baets is Group Director of HR on an ad interim basis.