Innovation and research is core to ForFarmers’ strategy and is the responsibility of the Nutrition Innovation Centre (NIC). ForFarmers provides sustainable feed and advice to farmers which will lead to healthier livestock and greater efficiency which results in better returns on farm. Improvements in sustainability and animal welfare are therefore important.

Nutrition Innovation Centre

The Nutrition Innovation Centre is organised centrally and includes species specific nutritionists and innovation managers. The team members of NIC are not only responsible for ForFarmers’ research and innovation programme, but also for the technical performance of products supplied to customers. Moreover, they work closely with the species teams in each country and with ForFarmers’ strategic partners, such as with Nutreco, with whom joint innovation projects are undertaken. 

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The importance placed on innovation is illustrated by the fact that the NIC investigates on average over 40-50 research projects each year. In addition, ForFarmers leverages its extensive network, which includes many of Europe’s leading research institutes and Universities, to contribute to primary research and to the development of products and services used by farmers. Examples include ‘Feed4Foodure’ in the Netherlands and CIEL (Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock) in the United Kingdom.