Recommendation for reappointment of Mr C.J.M. van Rijn

17 March 2016

ForFarmers B.V.’s Supervisory Board has recommended Mr Van Rijn for reappointment as member of the Supervisory Board during the General ForFarmers B.V. Meeting, to be held on 15th April 2016. Mr Van Rijn is nominated for reappointment on account of his relevant knowledge and experience in the area of administrative organisation and internal control that he gained at, amongst other companies, Nutreco N.V.

The agenda and explanatory agenda notes for the General Meeting will be available on this website from 23 March 2016.

Furthermore the Supervisory Board adjusted and adopted the rotation schedule on 16 March 2016 in conformity with the schedule below.

Name Year of last appointment Can be reappointed in To resign no later than
Addink-Berendsen J.W.   2014   2018   2022
Eggink J.W.   2014      2018
Wunnekink W.M.   2015   2019   2027
Mulder H.   2014      2017
Rijn C.J.M. van   2012   2016   2024
Hulshof V.A.M.   2014   2018   2026