Update on share buy-back programme ForFarmers (6 July 2020)

6 July 2020 - 06:56

ForFarmers N.V. (ForFarmers) has repurchased 20,201 shares in the period from 29 June 2020 through 3 July 2020.

The shares were repurchased at an average price of €5.48 per share, for a total amount of €110,663. These repurchases were made in accordance with the authorisation granted by the ForFarmers Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Shareholders on 24 April 2020 to complete the current share buy-back programme, as announced on 3 May 2019, for a total amount of €30 million. Also, from 29 April 2020, shares were repurchased for the employee participation plans for 2020, as announced in the press release on 24 April 2020 with regard to the decisions of the AGM.

The total number of shares that has been repurchased to date according to these programmes is 5,130,990 shares, for a total amount of €31,311,528.

Taking into account the shares which have been repurchased for the employee participation plans 2019 and 2020, the total amount of the share buyback programme shall be approximately €33 million.
Of the approximately €3 million that is related to the share buyback for the employee participation plans, some €1.8 million has been spent in 2019 for the plans of that year. This entails that at this moment repurchases will still take place for approximately €1.7 million to finalise the share buyback programme.

This press release contains information that qualifies as inside information in the sense of Article 7 paragraph 1 of the EU Market Abuse Regulation.