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Highlights for investors

Good local market positions that are crucial in the transition to sustainable livestock farming

  • We have a clear and telling mission: For the Future of Farming.
  • We have unique access to farms as a feed supplier.
  • The range we offer varies from Total Feed solutions with advice to specific products.
  • We support livestock farmers with good feed and sound advice at a competitive price so that they can optimise their (technical) return on- farm with healthy animals while reducing their impact on nature and climate.
  • Thanks to our local organisations we are agile and able to respond quickly while reaping the benefits of our central expertise, core values and governance.
  • We set ourselves apart in each market and segment thanks to our differentiating offering.
  • We have an ambitious sustainability agenda with specific targets including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving nitrogen and phosphate efficiency and using renewable energy.
  • We focus on sustainable concepts that address social themes, including the use of alternative raw materials, circularity and the further reduction of emissions.
  • We are strongly positioned to work together throughout the value chain to create greater efficiency and transparency.
  • We have a healthy balance sheet to strengthen and expand our positions through mergers and acquisitions both in our home markets and in new regions that are a good fit in terms of culture (country and company).

Financial profile

  • We have a healthy balance sheet and recurring free cash flow.
  • We aim to achieve a consolidated return on average capital employed (at the level of underlying operating profit (EBIT)) of at least 10% in 2025, not taking into account any unforeseen events.
  • We distribute dividends (40 to 60% of underlying net profit).
  • We are exposed to highly fluctuating energy and raw material prices.