ForFarmers: Extra update results due to positive developments abroad

8 July 2022 - 06:55

ForFarmers expects that, due to the positive developments in countries outside of the Netherlands, underlying EBITDA in the first half-year 2022 will be slightly higher than the relatively low level in the first half of 2021. The previously disclosed expectation was a substantial decline of mentioned result.

In the First Quarter 2022 Trading Update of 6 May 2022, ForFarmers announced that some movement could be seen in the food chain with respect to passing on the higher raw material, energy and fuel costs. However, at the time it was too soon to draw any conclusions from this. It has since become clear that this trend has continued in a broad sense.

Considering the continuing uncertainties with respect to availability and consequentially prices of raw materials, energy and fuel and on top of that the uncertain political climate in the Netherlands with respect to the agricultural sector, ForFarmers does not provide guidance for the development of underlying EBITDA in the second half-year of 2022. 

The results of the first half-year 2022 will be published on 11 August, before opening of the stock exchange.