Changes to the Supervisory Board’s retirement schedule

15 January 2014

ForFarmers B.V.’s Supervisory Board has adjusted and set the retirement schedule in accordance with the schedule below.

Mr Eggink will not be resigning in 2014, but will be available for (re)appointment. Mr Nordbeck will be retiring at ForFarmers B.V.’s general shareholders meeting on 15th April 2014. He is available as a possible candidate for ForFarmers Netherland B.V.’s Supervisory Board. This is ForFarmers B.V.’s subsidiary company, which holds the shares of the most important Dutch subsidiaries.

The changes in the retirement schedule mean a new member of the Supervisory Board will be appointed at the general shareholders meeting on 15th April 2014. This will take place in addition to the planned (re)appointment of the incumbent commissioners in accordance with the new schedule.

Nominations for the appointments will take place at the convocation of the general shareholders meeting on 15th April 2014.

The retirement schedule looks as follows with effect from 16th January 2014: 

ForFarmers B.V.
Name Year of last appointment Can be reappointed in  To retire no later than
Addink-Berendsen J.W. 2010 2014  
Eggink J.W. 2010 2014 2018
Markink J. 2012   2015
Mulder H. 2010 2014  
Nordbeck H.J. 2013   2014
Vacancy 2014 2018  
Rijn C.J.M. van 2012 2016  

The procedure for the appointment for the Supervisory Board is included in article 18 of the Articles of Association. These can be consulted via ForFarmers’ website.