Management of ForFarmers at full strength

5 June 2014

On 1 July, Stijn Steendijk (44) will begin work as the managing director of Strategy & Organisation within ForFarmers B.V. In this position, he will be responsible for the departments of Communication, Marketing, HRM, Innovation and Corporate Affairs. Stijn Steendijk has a great deal of experience in change management, marketing and innovation, HRM, organizational development and general management. He gained this experience, as well as knowledge of the agricultural sector, in among other roles, as managing director of HR and Organization at Provimi and later at Cargill. In recent years, he has worked as managing director at Smartwares Home Improvement.

The appointment of Mr. Steendijk fits within the new course of ForFarmers, which was announced earlier this year during the presentation of the annual figures, under the name ‘One ForFarmers’.

With One ForFarmers, the organization aims for a more intensive collaboration within the group, a more unequivocal way of working and the focused deployment of the knowledge available in order to place certain products and innovations on local markets. By making even better use of synergies and further developing skills, ForFarmers wishes to further enhance its leading role within the European feed industry.
In order to achieve this, a change and expansion of the management have been realized. For example, earlier this year Nico de Vos was appointed managing director of Operations & Supply Chain. Steven Read, previously South business managing director of BOCM PAULS (subsidiary of ForFarmers) has been appointed managing director of Purchasing, Pricing and Formulation.

By strengthening the management, ForFarmers is now ready for the challenges for which it stands: Creating one strong ForFarmers with a leading position in the European feeder market.