Reudink is expanding its organic feed production through a new collaboration

3 July 2014

Reudink, part of ForFarmers, will start producing the organic cattle feed for Agrifirm with effect from 1st October 2014. Reudink and Agrifirm’s market operations will remain completely separate from each other.

All of ForFarmers’ organic cattle feed activities have been combined under the Reudink name since last year. The company is located in Lochem, where it has a modern production facility at its disposal which produces organic mixed feeds, with plenty of possibilities for expansion and product development.

Reudink produces organic feed for cattle, pigs and poultry. The quality of the production facility, the available knowledge and production capacity were part of the reason why Agrifirm decided to ask Reudink to look after the production of its organic feeds. This has resulted in Reudink’s production facility now being used more effectively and allows Reudink to produce the feeds more efficiently.