12 November 2014

An increase in scale and the level of complexity in the agricultural sector will continue over the forthcoming years. This will result in a structural change to customer demands. The demand for nutritionally optimal feed solutions at farm level will become greater and will result in an increasing requirement for customised solutions. ForFarmers has responded to this development with its ‘total feed’ concept: supplying complete nutritional solutions which meet the individual customer’s objectives and business situation. ForFarmers will be fine-tuning and expanding its product and services portfolio for these customer specific solutions, as and when required. This therefore doesn’t only mean compound feed, but also includes products like specialities for young animals, single raw materials, co-products, grass and maize seeds and fertilisers. Extensive and specialist knowledge in these areas is essential in order to provide customers with advice which is most appropriate to their individual situation.

ForFarmers will also enter into strategic alliances with suppliers, in order to arrive at a complete package of feed solutions at the farm. “We want to join forces with strategic partners wherever possible, in order to strengthen each other where knowledge and innovation are concerned, for example in relation to speciality feeds. In line with this approach, we have recently renewed our existing strategic partnership with Nutreco for the purchase of premixes, additives and specialities. We will also be working closer with Nutreco in relation to research, innovation and the marketing of  high quality nutritional solutions, for example within the young animal feed sector. The main purpose is to deliver high quality products and advice that result in better returns for our customers”, according to Yoram Knoop, ForFarmers CEO.

One ForFarmers
ForFarmers is also concentrating on the on-going implementation of ‘One ForFarmers’. This approach is focussed on the further professionalisation of the organisation, an unequivocal way of working and making optimal use of the economies of scale. This also means that systems and processes will be standardised where possible.
The above means working together more intensively within the group, which will also enhance ForFarmers reputation and appeal as a European market leader and international employer in the animal feed sector.

Within the context of One ForFarmers, the rebranding of the group’s activities has started. The first step in this direction has recently been taken in the UK and the other companies will be adopting the ForFarmers brand within the next six months.

Increase in scale and growth
An increase in scale and growth is important to ForFarmers in order to be able to realise substantial competitive advantage and also to allow the company to provide added value in the long term, which will lead to increased efficiency for its customers on the farm.
The refocused strategy primarily concentrates on autonomous growth. Entering into strategic alliances and collaborations will also contribute to an increase in scale and the continued deepening and expanding of knowledge. ForFarmers is using the international expansion primarily in Europe to develop and/or acquire number 1 or 2 positions in its chosen markets.

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