ForFarmers and Vruchtbare Kringloop Achterhoek en Liemers (VKA) continue cooperation

8 January 2020

On 7 January ForFarmers entered into a partnership agreement with the Association Vruchtbare Kringloop Achterhoek for the continuation of the cooperation for the coming three years.

In 2013, the Vruchtbare Kringloop Achterhoek en Liemers (VKA, an association in the Netherlands) started as a project, with the objective of encouraging the most efficient use of minerals in livestock farming and preventing the loss of minerals. With effect from 2020, the VKA has continued as an independent association.

ForFarmers was involved with the VKA from the start in 2013. Exchange of knowledge and experience was and is central to this, for example in the field of efficient nutrition, fertilisation and improvement of soil quality. In study and field meetings, the affiliated members (farmers and contractors) share experiences and knowledge. Among other things, they use the KringloopWijzer (an instrument that maps the on farm mineral cycle of nitrogen and phosphate) as an aid. The majority of participating companies have made clear progress in improving mineral utilisation and thereby reducing losses to ground and surface water. This makes this region a forerunner in circular agriculture and sustainable water and soil management.

Now that the VKA will continue as an independent association from 2020, cooperation will continue. ForFarmers supports the association financially and continues to provide workshops and training sessions for affiliated members. ForFarmers is also involved in practical tests and analysis of data and practical results.

John Koeleman, chairman of the Association Vruchtbare Kringloop Achterhoek: “Both farmers and feed suppliers must discover what we can achieve with circular agriculture. The farmer starts his own business with this, but supporting partners are very important to be able to take the next step on farming level. That supporting role fits well with ForFarmers as a feed company with a strong base in the Achterhoek (a region in the eastern part of the Netherlands).”

Jos Koopman, director Ruminants at ForFarmers Netherlands: “The VKA has more than proven its value in recent years. A large number of the members have taken appealing steps in efficient use of minerals through knowledge exchange and cooperation. That is ultimately a feat for the farmers, but ForFarmers is happy to contribute to this and also learns from the practical experiences and results. This is fully in line with our sustainability objectives and our mission to commit ourselves "For the Future of Farming".

Afbeelding: Ondertekening partnerovereenkomst VKA - ForFarmers
Signing of partner agreement with v.l.n.r. Jos Koopman, director Ruminants at ForFarmers Netherlands, Johan Temmink, Specialist Manure and Minerals at ForFarmers Netherlands and John Koeleman, chairman of the Vereniging VKA.