ForFarmers cancels over 11 million shares on 11 September

3 September 2020 - 06:56

Following the press release of 4 August in which ForFarmers N.V. (ForFarmers) announced to have completed its share buy-back programme, ForFarmers now announces that it will cancel 11,042,219 ordinary shares on 11 September coming. This reflects the total number of repurchased shares as part of the share buy-back programmes of 2017 and 2019 (excluding the shares which were repurchased for the employee participation plans).

After cancellation of the shares, ForFarmers will have an issued share capital of €95,218,822 consisting of 95,218,821 ordinary shares and 1 priority share of €0.01 nominal value per share.
After cancellation of the shares ForFarmers still retains 28,385 treasury shares, which means that the number of shares with voting rights will be 95,190,437 as of then.