ForFarmers joins forces with trade organisations on response to the advice of the Remkes Committee regarding nitrogen problem in the Netherlands

26 September 2019

Yesterday evening (25th September) the Remkes Committee presented its advice regarding the nitrogen problem in the Netherlands. ForFarmers awaits the politicians’ reaction, which is expected in early October.

ForFarmers has noted that the Remkes Committee’s advice is for area-specific measures to be implemented, rather than a generic approach. ForFarmers has also noted that the committee has acknowledged that an important part of the agriculture sector is both efficient and innovative, that it’s among the best in the world and that the livestock sector has already seen a great deal of progress, substantial investments and implemented measures where sustainability is concerned. The Remkes Committee also concluded that it takes a long time for innovative developments to eventually be implemented in the current regime, as the actual application of innovative developments is often accompanied by the completion of very time-consuming procedures.

ForFarmers has noted for some time that the agricultural sector is now increasingly having to deal with government measures to reduce the environmental impact of the sector. ForFarmers is experiencing growing social pressure on the agricultural sector in general in the Netherlands.

ForFarmers contributes to, and is convinced of, sustainable solutions for the sector’s future. ForFarmers Netherlands, as a member of trade associations together with other companies in the sector, is actively involved with formulating the continued sustainability of the agricultural policy in the Netherlands. ForFarmers’ policy is focussed on a strong, sustainable and innovative agricultural sector. This has been translated into sustainable solutions in purchasing, production and the transport of feeds, as well as at the farm. ForFarmers remains fully committed to this.