ForFarmers partner in the Biodiversity Recovery Delta Plan

13 January 2020
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We are committed to a sustainable future for our sector from our 'For the Future of Farming' mission. Biodiversity forms an important part of this. As a partner in the Biodiversity Recovery Delta Plan, we are working together with farmers’ organisations, companies, knowledge institutes and nature and environmental organisations on restoring biodiversity in the Netherlands.

Biodiversity, what is that?

Biodiversity is the variation of different animals and plants in a certain area. This is not in balance (any more) in certain areas in the Netherlands. The Biodiversity Recovery Delta Plan is working on stopping this loss and redirecting it to recovery. Would you like more information? Check their website, which features detailed information.

Why is ForFarmers participating?

Sustainability isn’t a hype to ForFarmers, it actually forms an integral part of what we do. It’s certainly no coincidence it’s one of our core values. It is perfectly in line with our policy of sharing knowledge and working together with others. You can achieve a great deal more by working together.
It’s a fact that biodiversity is getting more and more attention in the Netherlands. That’s why ForFarmers feels it’s of the utmost importance to work together with other parties where biodiversity recovery in the Netherlands is concerned. This partnership will also allow us to share our knowledge about, for example, soil management, agricultural landscape management, but certainly also our knowledge of the agricultural sector. In return, we can learn a great deal and acquire knowledge from the other partners.

What is ForFarmers already doing for this biodiversity recovery?

The maintenance and recovery of biodiversity is already receiving attention within ForFarmers in various different ways. For example, by responsibly purchasing our raw materials, such as soy and palm oil, in order to combat deforestation. But it also includes the provision of advice regarding pesticides and herb-rich grasslands and the biomass plant in Lochem, which provides the revenue model for maintaining the hedgerows in the province of Gelderland.