ForFarmers supports Responsible Soy Declaration

19 June 2019

FEFAC (Federation European Feed Manufacturers) - under presidency of our colleague Nick Major (Corporate Affairs Director) - issued the Responsible Soy Declaration last week. ForFarmers completely supports this declaration. The online platform enables European feed companies to state their voluntary commitment to sourcing responsibly produced soy products. ForFarmers has put in a great deal of commitment to accomplish this as a European - sector wide - initiative. It goes without saying that ForFarmers, as an industry leader on sustainability, is working hard to make the European soy supply chain more sustainable and so was one of the first organisations to sign the Declaration.

Afbeelding: Soy bean field_inline

Contributing to market transformation of soy products

Nick Major about both the initiative as well as ForFarmers contribution: “FEFAC encourages its member associations and companies to support the common goal of a mainstream market transformation of soy products used in the European feed industry. Needless to say that ForFarmers belongs to the first feed companies to support the initiative, as this is something that we as ForFarmers stand for and that we are already doing. We are proud to take responsible sourcing to the next level.”

Purchasing guidelines

Signing the FEFAC Responsible Soy Declaration means that companies agree to take specific steps in sourcing their soy (products) responsibly. FEFAC purchasing guidelines are being used as frame of reference. ForFarmers is already used to working following the FEFAC purchasing guidelines.

Read more about the FEFAC purchasing guidelines.