ForFarmers: update on share buy-back programme of its own shares (December 4)

4 December 2017

ForFarmers N.V. (hereinafter ‘ForFarmers’) has repurchased 87,016 shares in the period from 27 November 2017 through 1 December 2017.

The shares were repurchased for an average price of €10.05 per share, for a total amount of €874,387. These repurchases were made in accordance with the authorisation granted by the ForFarmers N.V. Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on 26 April 2017 as part of the share buy-back programme announced on 2 May 2017.

The total number of shares that has been repurchased to date according to this programme is 5,445,528 shares, for a total amount of €53,565,114.

This press release contains information that qualifies as inside information in the sense of Article 7 par-agraph 1 of the EU Market Abuse Regulation.