Nevedi is joining the Sustainable Food Alliance

24 July 2017

Nevedi (Dutch Association of Animal Feed Industry) will be joining the Sustainable Food Alliance with effect from 1st August 2017. The Sustainable Food Alliance is a collaboration between the Dutch Agricultural and Horticultural Organisation (LTO Netherlands), the Dutch Food Industry Federation (FNLI), the Central Dutch Food Retail Association (CBL), the Dutch Catering Organisations Association (Veneca) and the Royal Dutch Hotel and Catering Association (KHN), in order to make the food chain sustainable. As a Nevedi member, ForFarmers will therefore also be affiliated with this Alliance from this date. We naturally welcome this immensely, as Sustainability is one of our core values.

Important link
Aalt Dijkhuizen, Chairman of the Alliance: “Nevedi is an important link in the food chain. As a buyer of raw materials and supplier of animal feed, it contributes to closing the cycle. The fact that new parties want to join the Alliance is certainly something to be welcomed. An important criteria is that Nevedi can actively contribute to making important progress within the Alliance’s sustainability themes.”

Perfect connection  
Henk Flipsen, Director at Nevedi: “We are very pleased with the connection to the Sustainable Food Alliance. Nevedi is an active organisation in its approach to making Dutch livestock farming sustainable. We have identified a perfect connection to the Alliance’s activities in our agenda for sustainability and innovation. We have seen excellent opportunities for striving to further improve the wellbeing of people, animals and the environment, together with the other parties.

The parties in the Sustainable Food Alliance work on all fronts of sustainability, both on an individual basis as well as together. On the more sustainable use of raw materials, water and energy, reducing waste, using residual flows, reducing emissions, biodiversity, attention for human rights and working conditions, fair trade and an improvement in animal wellbeing and animal health.