Video series 'Sustainable innovations in the animal feed industry: ForFarmers seizes opportunities for CO2-neutral production

1 September 2022

The Dutch animal feed companies, united in the Nevedi sector organisation, want to be demonstrably sustainable and make a contribution to the ambitious goals for climate, circularity and biodiversity. They are leading the way in this respect worldwide. Innovation is the key word here. In a video series produced by Nevedi, the members show how they approach this and what they do in concrete terms.

Reducing emissions, using raw materials sparingly, using more residual streams from other industries and promoting the personal growth of employees are some examples of how the companies implement sustainable business practices.

ForFarmers: seizing opportunities for CO2-neutral production

The second video in the series ‘Sustainable innovations in the animal feed industry’ focuses on ForFarmers. ForFarmers wants to achieve CO2-neutral production of animal feed, by using less energy and applying sustainable solutions. One of the goals is to meet 50% of its energy demand from renewable sources by 2025. The thousands of solar panels and the biomass power plant at the Lochem production site are good examples of this. And soon the factory in Deventer will run partly on biogas from its own customers to reduce natural gas consumption.

(The video has English subtitles)