Working together for CO2 reduction in dairy chains

12 July 2023

Together with dairy farmers, the WUR (University Wageningen NL), other feed companies and chain partners, we are investigating how to achieve a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions from milk. To achieve this sustainability and greenhouse gas reduction of the dairy chains, a PPP (Public Private Partnership) has been launched. In this, the dairy chains are each working with WUR with their own programme to research how to do this. Innovations and adjustments in animal rations and farm management tools play an important role in this. That is where ForFarmers is focusing on: practical possibilities to reduce the carbon footprint through nutrition, management and innovations. Think ration adjustments, applying grass/clover mixtures and manure fermentation. Dairy suppliers have already started working with a group of dairy farmers to make reduction plans and implement them in practice.

In this Low Carbon Dairy collaboration, we are working with Wageningen University & Reserach (WUR), Unilever, Cono cheese makers, Nestlé, Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods, Lely, Rabobank, PPP Agro Advies and feed companies Agrifirm, De Heus and Duynie.

This is working together For the Future of Farming!

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Working together in energy transition

The Low Carbon Dairy collaboration is, of course, not the first project in which we are working together in the transition that is in full swing. A great example of circular agriculture is Oxe Geeft Gas, in which our factory in Deventer is supplied with biogas from our own customers - five dairy farmers with a mono-manure digester. This enables us to make our production process more sustainable by lowering our carbon footprint, while farmers contribute to the solution of energy transition by fermenting their manure to convert it into green energy. Sustainability is not something you do alone, together #ForTheFutureOfFarming!