Privacy statement

Privacy Statement
ForFarmers respects the privacy of all users of its site and ensure that any personal information you provide us with is treated as confidential. Your details are used to allow us to help you quickly and efficiently. We will only use your details for other purposes with your express permission. ForFarmers will never sell your information to third parties and will only pass on these details to third parties that are involved in processing your order.

ForFarmers uses any data it collects to provide its clients with the following services
Any data regarding site usage or any feedback we receive from visitors to our site help us to develop and improve it.

ForFarmers will not sell your data
ForFarmers will never sell your information to third parties and will only pass on these details to third parties that are involved in processing your order. All our employees as well as any third parties whose services we use are required to respect the confidentiality of your data.

Cookie policy:

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a simple text file that is stored on your computer by your browser whenever you visit a website. This text file stores information. A cookie contains information that the website would like to know about during your next visit. This could include information about an advert or advertiser or a unique ID code, for example. The information from that cookie can only be read by the site that stored it.

Some cookies are necessary because the website will not work without them while others are useful for the visitor—for example, because they remember the language in which you would like to view a particular website. But a lot of cookies are used to track what you do on the internet, such as the pages you have looked at, for example. Please note that if you do not accept cookies, you will lose access to certain features of the website

Different cookie types:

Functional cookies:
Functional cookies are necessary in order to use the website you are visiting—for example, to recognise that you are the same user who visited the last page on the site, or to remember your preferences.

Performance/session cookies:
Performance cookies are used to measure whether a particular advert leads to purchase or registration. Websites are paid for this and this allows them to generate revenue and to keep visits to the site free of charge. This type of cookie does not store any personal information and is not traceable to individuals.

Analytical cookies:
Analytical cookies are used to continuously improve the website by tracking visitor statistics. This information includes how many visitors visit the website, which pages visitors view, where they come from and what they click on, and which browser and screen resolution they use. This information cannot be traced to an individual visitor.

Profiling / tracking cookies:
These are cookies that enable the adverts displayed to better reflect the interests of the visitor. Advertising companies use cookies to measure the success of their campaigns and to assess the potential interests or preferences of their visitors. Profiling cookies are also used by YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, for example, if you click on the ‘like’ button.

Cookies contain a (unique) number. They do not contain personal information. As such, ForFarmers cannot use cookies to identify you personally. Cookies can also not be used to identify you on other websites.

Types of cookie used:
ForFarmers uses functional, performance and analytical cookies. We do this to see how visitors use our site. This information can help us to improve the site. ForFarmers also uses web statistics captured by analytical cookies. These data are analysed, thus allowing the website to be aligned more effectively with our visitors’ needs. The collected data are not used for any purpose other than to improve the website. The collected data are not made available to third parties. The following information is collected:

  • The browser used;
  • The timing and duration of your visit;
  • Which pages you visited;
  • Any error messages received by visitors.

ForFarmers measures the amount of site visits using Google analytics. The data collected in Google analytics is only accessible to ForFarmers. Google may transfer this information to third parties if this is required by law, or if third parties process the information on Google's behalf.

This website also uses Google Maps which allows a map to be displayed on the website. This can also be used to give directions. YouTube and/or Vimeo also place cookies on our website because we use these services to provide videos.

Cookie legislation:

The Netherlands
Cookie legislation in the Netherlands is very strict. The Netherlands demands that explicit permission is given for non-functional/performance cookies, such as analytical cookies. This is why many visitors must first agree with a notification about cookies. If they do not agree, then no cookies are stored on your computer. Some websites refuse visitors access to the website if cookies are not accepted.

European Union
The European legislation on cookies is much more flexible than that of the Netherlands. The European directive indicates that website users merely need to inform visitors that cookies are being used. There is currently a high level of uncertainty surrounding Dutch legislation on cookies and the implementation of the EU directive has met with significant resistance in the Netherlands. For this reason, ForFarmers has opted to comply with European legislation and we are therefore not obliged to request permission to install cookies.

Adjustments to cookie policy:
This cookie policy may be adjusted in order to reflect any changes or consequences in how we obtain and manage information. ForFarmers reserves the right to make changes to the way in which we deal with data and to adapt the terms and conditions of our cookie policy.

In summary:
1. ForFarmers only uses functional and performance cookies and analytical cookies from Google analytics.
2. IP addresses are anonymised to ensure privacy.
3. In accordance with European legislation, we assume that permission has been given for cookies to be installed.
4. Personal information is not stored unless explicit permission has been given for this.