Sustainability at ForFarmers


“We want to be the leader in contributing to circular livestock farming.”

Yoram Knoop, CEO ForFarmers


Going Circular - For the Future of Farming

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The growing number of mouths to feed in the world, and the increasing prosperity in emerging markets, are leading to an ever-growing demand for food, a demand that is expected to continue increasing. This demand has to be met in a sustainable way. A circular agrifood system is considered to be the way forward and animals have a key role to play in this. This is why ForFarmers will be a leader in the development of circular agriculture. Our approach, which forms an integral part of our Build to Grow 2025 strategy, is: Going Circular, For the Future of Farming. 

To us circular food production is defined as: transforming low value materials into high quality food, no waste of resources and zero pollution.

ForFarmers can and will make a difference in delivering circular livestock farming

ForFarmers takes its role as a pioneer in the sector seriously. In this respect, we see sustainability as a natural and integral part of our activities. Sustainability is one of our three key values, alongside ambition and partnership, as well as it is a building block of our corporate strategy Build to Grow 2025.

Also we have defined new ambitions and objectives (on which we will report in our annual report) that make Going Circular explicit). 
With Going Circular, ForFarmers wants to contribute to a fact based discussion about sustainability themes that relate to our business, and to enable engagement of our stakeholders, from our farming customers to current and potential employees and from society in general to our chain partners. Also, with passion and expert specialist knowledge, we continually invest in initiatives, to make our business and the sector more sustainable. We continue to do this working side-by-side with our customers, whilst also considering the changing views of society, so that we can anticipate on and address future challenges together, For the Future of Farming. 

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Zooming into the Going Circular themes

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Feed resources
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Feed production
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