The worldwide demand for food is expected to continue increasing. This demand has to be met in a sustainable way. The animal feed industry will play a crucial role in this due to its central place in the food production chain. ForFarmers has an ongoing commitment to “more with less”. In other words: more (production of animal proteins) with less (use of raw materials), by working efficiently and innovatively on feed solutions. In doing so, we focus on better health and animal welfare. ForFarmers takes its role as a pioneer in the sector seriously. In this respect, we see sustainability as a natural and integral part of our activities. Sustainability is one of our three key values, alongside ambition and partnership.

Our themes

ForFarmers' sustainability strategy focuses on three themes: environment, people & society and animal health & welfare. Each theme is elaborated on the basis of a number of specific topics.  

People and society
Animal health & welfare