Dutch Food Week 2019: What are we eating?

4 October 2019
Afbeelding: Logo Dutch Food Week

That’s the question in the Dutch Food Week from 5th to 16th October. The Dutch Food Week allows everyone throughout the Netherlands to become acquainted with the food sector: from farmer, horticulturist, manufacturer to the shop floor.

Everyone eats on a daily basis, but do we really know what we’re eating? And where our food comes from? How many nutrients are we getting out of our daily diet? And what are we going to be eating in the future?

Various parties from the food sector will be sharing their enthusiasm, knowledge and skills with society during the Dutch Food Week. Farmers and horticulturists, entrepreneurs from the supply and processing industry, retail, government and scientists are all going to be showing us how they work on the production, distribution and development of our food. This will be happening at the farm, university campuses in Wageningen, Maastricht and Utrecht and at many other locations throughout the Netherlands.

The Dutch Food Week is made possible by a large number of national partners, including ForFarmers.