Fingers crossed for a good harvest

15 June 2023

How do you teach children respect for nature and the realisation that our food does not grow in the supermarket? Cor Sijbesma knows: above all, let them experience it for themselves. About ten years ago, the All-round Operator at ForFarmers in Zwolle started a school garden for the primary school in Willemsoord, together with a couple of 'uncles', to let children experience where vegetables come from.

As a token of appreciation, ForFarmers has been supporting this great initiative for several years with a financial donation, which is used to buy seeds, among other things. Recently, Cor sent an update with some photos that we are happy to share here.

"We got a lot done again", says Cor. "The plants that the children grew at school and at home have been given solid soil. And together with some children and Uncle Hans' neighbours, repairs were made to the hose we use for sprinkling. In short, we’ve had a few instructive and useful hours. We uncles find it incredibly fun to do and we would like to take this opportunity to thank Forfarmers immensely for the financial contribution."

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Sowing is done at school, then it's planting time.