ForFarmers makes the next step towards carbon neutral production

5 March 2021

ForFarmers makes the next step towards carbon neutral feed production, one of the objectives of the sustainability strategy Going Circular. The production location in Lochem (the Netherlands) is the pilot location for this. The installation of 2.914 solar panels now represents the next step towards this ambitious sustainability goal, following the commissioning of the biomass plant here in 2019. The solar panels have been installed on the roofs of the fertiliser warehouse, the shipping warehouse and the head office in Lochem. 

Afbeelding: Overzichtsfoto zonnepanelen fabriek biomassacentrale en vrachtauto_720x290 web

230 households

All of these solar panels together are expected to generate 805 MWh per year. To put this into context: enough to provide around 230 households with power for an entire year. “This is most definitely impressive at consumer level”, Harry de Goede, ForFarmers environmental coordinator, agrees. “But animal feed production is quite energy-intensive. These solar panels at our Lochem location will only cover a small part of our electricity requirements.”

Step by step towards a smaller footprint

Coming to a carbon neutral production goes step by step. For example, this location in Lochem has a biomass installation which is fuelled with local waste wood. This installation provides almost all of the gas required for this production location. And thanks to the solar panels, ForFarmers can now generate its own green power. We are also looking at possibilities for installing solar panels at other production locations. But that's not where the story ends. The teams are continously working on projects and initiatives, which will be able to save energy, or which will result in our energy requirements having less of an impact on the environment.