ForFarmers' Sustainability Ambassador Network hold first inspiration session

16 March 2021

What is your first idea about sustainability at ForFarmers? Perhaps feed produced using sustainable soya. Or less energy consumption in the mills? Or an economical driving style for our drivers? Since the launch of Going Circular, sustainability has been given another dimension with our own Sustainability Ambassador Network for ForFarmers employees. In February, the first overall inspiration session was held. 

Afbeelding: 210312_Inspiratiesessie ambassadors 22 febr.2021
The members of the Sustainability Ambassador Network held an inspiration session about sustainability at ForFarmers

Going Circular in feed production

Arthur van Och (Director Supply Chain) took us into the world of the supply chain at ForFarmers. ForFarmers already does a lot when it comes to sustainability. F. i. we purchase green energy, we have a biomass power station in Lochem (the Netherlands), solar panels are being installed on the roofs of our locations and we are helping to reduce the use of brown coal in Poland by installing a gas-fired boiler that simultaneously generates electricity.

The sustainable employee

Eveline Paternotte (Director HR) states that vitality also fits in with the sustainability concept. Vital employees are sustainable employees. Employees have an increasing need for information about staying fit and balanced, and about health. That is why we provide them with appropriate information.

Let the energy stay on the farm

Max Dekker and Irene Koopman, two of the four students in the winning ForFarmers team of the Sustainable Business Challenge 2020, attended part of the inspiration session to explain their winning idea. Max says that at first they were mainly looking at how energy could be transported from the farm to a ForFarmers production location. But finally they came up with the plan to leave the energy on the farm. They won with their idea of a mobile pellet press on the farm. Very inspiring! Read more about it in this news article.


About the Ambassadors Network

The inspiration sessions are part of the Sustainability Ambassador Network. A group of 44 colleagues from Belgium/Netherlands, Germany and the UK are members of this network, which is led by Nick Major (Director Corporate Affairs). The network works in teams per country, and during inspiration sessions everyone comes together. The aim is to share information and gain inspiration from internal or external speakers.