Inspiration session provides food for thought!

7 July 2021
Afbeelding: Inspiratiesessie ambassadeurs_2 720x290

Are you familiar with the expression 'Food for thought'? Because that sums up the second inspiration session of our Sustainability Ambassadors Network very well. The sustainability challenges we face at ForFarmers and in the agricultural sector will not be solved at once, but our concrete projects and discussions in which we exchange views do contribute to this.

Recently, about 40 ambassadors from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom came together (digitally) for an inspiration session. And internal and external guests joined in. Our CFO Roeland Tjebbes, for example, shone his light on sustainability from the financial angle. Two members of the ForFarmers Sustainability Advisory Board also joined in. They shone the light on 'Going Circular' from the perspective of a retailer and from an NGO. How do you close the feed and manure cycles? How can a consumer make a sustainable choice in one second? And how can ForFarmers play a role in this? Food for thought, not only for our sustainability ambassadors!