More biodiversity around our Lochem plant

21 May 2021
Afbeelding: Bloemenmengsels voor bijen in Lochem_intro (360x270)

Our new sustainability ambassador network is kicking off a biodiversity project on our own production site. On currently fallow grass plots around our main factory site in Lochem (NL), beautiful flower meadows will appear this summer and we will place bee hives to promote biodiversity.

"What can we do to bring the theme of biodiversity to life? How can we motivate our customers to engage in biodiversity?" In the first brainstorming session of the biodiversity working group, part of our sustainability ambassador network, we initially looked at what we could do on farm. And then the idea came: start with yourself - at ForFarmers. Set a good example, show that you consider biodiversity important. Hence the plan to sow the fallow grass plots around our Lochem factory with a flower mixture.

Work the soil and sow!

We are not doing this project alone. Agricultural nature society 't Onderholt from Vorden (NL) is helping us. Among other things, they initiated the sunflower ribbon in the municipalities of Lochem and Bronkhorst. Increasing biodiversity in the region is their goal and our idea fits exactly with that. With 't Onderholt the plan has been further concretised and soon agricultural contractor Elweco Medo from Laren will sow the flower mixture. The image shows which areas are involved.

Afbeelding: Kaart bloemenmengsels Lochem_720x490

The more flowers, the more bees, the more joy!

Contributing to the development and restoration of biodiversity is entirely in line with our sustainability strategy Going Circular, For the Future of Farming. In this way we create more nature for bees and other insects in our immediate environment: the more flowers, the more bees, the more joy!