More sustainable milking with a new range for organic dairy farms

22 January 2020
Afbeelding: Melkveeassortiment

In addition to organic dairy farmers’ growing need to produce more milk from their own roughage, the demand for matching, organic compound feed is increasing too. In response to this need, Reudink is introducing a new range of compound feeds under the Maxima name.

Dairy specialists Stef Oude Lansink and Robert van Dorst provide us with some more information regarding the background of the new range of compound feeds. “We have identified two trends in the market”, Van Dorst explains. “The first trend concerns a group of organic dairy farmers who have the ambition to produce the maximum amount of milk from their own roughage with the lowest possible amount of compound feed. They are striving for sustainable milk production by further closing the cycle, realising better nitrogen efficiency, a lower CO2 footprint and an increase in biodiversity. We are supporting them with the improvement of their grassland with herb-rich mixtures, optimising pasturing and improving the roughage quality.”

“The second trend”, according to Oude Lansink, “is a group of organic dairy farmers with an economic, performance-focussed ambition. They are striving for an increase in milk production per cow, whilst maintaining the animals’ good health. In order to optimally support their cows’ health, they need a concentrated, organic compound feed, which will effectively cover the protein, energy and mineral needs of these highly productive cows.”

Concentrated feeds

In order to meet both the energy and mineral needs of these cows, it’s important to provide a concentrated, but easily digestible concentrate in addition to high quality roughage with a relatively high sugar content. Reudink’s Maxima feeds meet these requirements. “They are more concentrated, contain a higher mineral content and more slowly released energy. Perfect for combining with the current roughage and a combination which guarantees the dairy cows’ good health and rumen functioning. A ration approach from the Total Feed thought”, Oude Lansink continues.

Good practical results

The new feeds have been extensively tested in practice. “They have been used at various different companies for a considerable period of time”, Van Dorst explains. “The results are looking very good and the demand for these feeds have increased. We have now renewed our range, partly based on these experiences.”

Organic range

Reudink also has an Optima and Prima range on offer, in addition to the new Maxima feeds. The Optima range is characterised by its broad usability for dairy farmers who strive for an optimal feed gain. The Prima range is focussed on lower feed costs. Supplement feeds and/or customised feeds can be used when an energy or protein correction is needed.