Alternative protein

Alternative protein sources

ForFarmers is constantly exploring alternative sources of protein to reduce its dependence on soy. For example, we conduct research into the use of raw materials produced in the EU, such as sunflower and rapeseed meal. We are also investigating newer initiatives such as algae and insects.

Partnership in sustainable insect chain

By-products from foodstuff production are a suitable source of food for insects. These by-products have little nutritional value of their own, but can be upgraded via the insects to high-quality proteins, amino acids and vitamins. These are important building blocks in the production of livestock rations. Insects are, therefore, considered to be the 'missing link' within the food system of a circular and sustainable economy.
The actual application in daily practice is still in its infancy. The EU research project SUSINCHAIN (sustainable insect chain) focuses on the actual application of this in daily practice. ForFarmers is the only animal feed supplier involved in this project.

insect chain

Algae as novel protein

With an increasing world population and a consequent growing demand for food, new sources of food and feed materials are urgently required. Microalgae is one of the novel proteins that has potential to help bridge that gap without concurrent pressure on land use and without increasing the use of petrochemical-based resources. Its protein content is particularly high.

However, microalgae as a resource remains underdeveloped and underexploited. This means research projects are a necessity in order to help provide a realistic, reliable alternative to existing sources.

ForFarmers is partner in the MULTI-STR3AM project which is designed to overcome the barriers mentioned above. Ultimately, the MULTI-STR3AM project aims to create a roadmap for establishing economically viable microalgae production and exploration, preserving resources and contributing to the EU’s circular economy goals.