Feed Solutions

Balancing between the themes

A balanced use of resources in the total animal chain is what we strive to achieve within the Feed solutions theme of Going Circular. The challenge and difficulty lies in the fact that sometimes trade-offs have to be made between the different elements of sustainability, and that is exactly what we are expressing with a balanced use of resources. 

For example, in order to produce feed, pressing machines are required in our feed mills. A new pressing machine was recently installed in one of the feed mills. This new machine actually consumes more energy than the previous one. However, the new machine ensures better quality feed with better feed efficiency. And that in turn leads to a lower use of raw materials and thus to a lower CO₂ footprint in the chain. 

Another example: While lowering greenhouse gas emissions and land use has a positive impact on the environment it is often at the expense of animal welfare. For instance the Gildehoen concept for broilers complies with the wish of consumers for the birds to live longer lives in larger sheds, thus improving animal welfare, but the concept results in a higher carbon footprint because it requires the use of more raw materials over a longer period. 

Our concepts and the balance between the sustainability boundaries

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