Feed Solutions

Improved efficiency concepts to reduce emissions

In 2019 we launched Ultra, a new feed concept for swine finishers. The concept is aimed at optimum feed conversion, which also reduces the carbon footprint and land use. Furthermore it contributes to animal health, for example with better intestinal health, calmer pigs and lower failure rates. How does this work? Good intestinal health, for example, is important for a low feed conversion and therefore efficient mineral utilisation. This, in turn, reduces phosphate, nitrogen and CO2 emissions. Healthy pigs will naturally also feel better and won’t need any medication. This is good for both the pig and the farmer and is now also increasingly important for society.

Also in our other sectors we continuously work on feed solutions that improve efficiency. In the ruminant sector we are involved in a project to reduce the carbon and methane footprint of feed concepts. And in the poultry sector we launched the Apollo concept. The Apollo concept is also aimed at improving feed efficiency, with a lower carbon footprint and less land use.