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People & society

As a socially responsible organisation, safety is a basic principle for ForFarmers. This concers both the safety of our employees in providing a safe working environment and the safety of society by ensuring feed safety. We also consider the development of our people and their increased knowledge as a way of working towards a more sustainable organisation as well as the chain as a whole.

A safe and good working environment

The safety of our people in the course of their work is a top priority. Therefore, providing a safe working environment for all our employees, hired staff, contractors and visitors is a point of major concern. 

ForFarmers keeps a record of the number of accidents that resulted in absence from work (Lost Time Incidents - LTIs). Our approach to health and safety is about raising awareness. We provide training to our employees, implement clear rules, encourage employees to report near misses and do all we can to prevent actual accidents from occurring. 

We believe it is important to provide fair and responsible working conditions throughout the production chain. This is why we have drawn up a Supplier Code of Conduct with the support of Sedex. 

Read more about a safe and good working environment in the annual report.

A safe and good working environment

Improve feed safety

ForFarmers is part of the food supply chain. Feed safety will therefore always be a priority. For this reason, feed safety is one of the sustainability focus areas. We monitor and manage all incidents where feed does not comply with regulations and voluntary codes. 

With regard to HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points), we use the One ForFarmers’ approach. This means that the entire organisation works according to the same method. Our quality managers continuously assess whether the production processes are carried out in accordance with the agreements made and if they notice any deviations, they take action. This is overseen by the Quality Manager of the ForFarmers Group. 

Read more about a feed safety in the annual report.



As a socially responsible organisation, ForFarmers supports a number of established agricultural charities that are committed to the development and welfare of people and society. We are a partner of Agriterra, giving employees the opportunity to participate in initiatives to develop the entrepreneurial skills of farmers in developing economies. We also support our colleagues and industry peers who are involved in the BIG Challenge's athletic fight against cancer. 

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