Mission, Vission and Strategy
Mission, Vission and Strategy
Mission, Vission and Strategy

Our strategy

In order to be better able to respond to rapidly changing market conditions ForFarmers has taken a fresh look in 2022  at the basic principles of its Strategy 2025. This review has resulted in five more focused strategic principles.

Five strategic principles

ForFarmers has the knowledge, expertise and resources to strengthen its position amid the changing market conditions. Its mission, For the Future of Farming, continues to be the guiding principle through which the company is fully focused on a sustainable livestock farming industry, both ecologically and economically.

In anticipation of the strategy review, ForFarmers last year adjusted the way it works, assigning more responsibility to the local management teams. This provides the foundation for meeting the first principle of the revised strategy: the local teams are leading, to enable ForFarmers to work even more closely to the customer. The teams are supported by the central departments and draw on the knowledge and experience that is present within the group, for example in the area of innovation. The organisation will be adapted to this way of working.

Secondly, in the current market conditions ForFarmers is uniquely well placed to distinguish itself in each individual market and segment in providing a differentiated offering, driven by the local situation of each sector. The offering can range from total solutions to optimise returns, to supplying specific products that best meet the livestock farmer’s needs amid challenging market conditions. 

Thirdly, ForFarmers will focus more emphatically on sustainable solutions which address wider societal issues such as the use of alternative raw materials, circularity and further reducing nitrogen and other emissions. In this context ForFarmers will intensify its efforts aimed at cooperation between the supply chain parties in the various markets. This cooperation is important both ecologically and economically and constitutes the fourth principle.

Finally, ForFarmers will remain true to the – fifth – principle, which is to supply good feed at competitive prices that contribute to business profitability for both ForFarmers and its customers. For this, ForFarmers continues to focus on optimally efficient and effective business processes.

Strategic principles Strategy 2025


As part of the strategy review we have adjusted our core values. The success of the strategy is largely dependent on the attitude and efforts of employees and management. Our values Passionate, Responsible, Open-minded, United and Delivering are more than just words to ForFarmers; they provide a concrete guideline for our daily interactions with customers, chain partners, stakeholders – and each other.

Check the official press release to read more about the Strategy 2025:

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