Mission, Vission and Strategy
Mission, Vission and Strategy
Mission, Vission and Strategy

Our strategy

ForFarmers is a leading player in the European feed industry. We work in the animal protein market with its ever-changing sustainability requirements, legislation, and consumer preferences. At the same time, there's a growing global demand for animal protein leading to more production in other regions.
This calls for innovative and sustainable feed and farm solutions. It also makes our mission For the Future of Farming more relevant than ever: working side-by-side with farmers to ensure their success in producing healthy food in a sustainable way.

It's why we'll focus on strengthening and growing our core business, and consider opportunities in selected growth markets. To do this we've created the following strategy: Build to Grow 2025. This strategy is based on the following strategic pillars:

Ambition to serve our customers even better is what defines our people. This means employing and developing the best people in the industry and creating an organisation that always strives for the next level of performance.

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. With our Going Circular approach we aim to contribute to a feed to food production system with no waste, zero pollution and transforming low value ingredients into high quality food.

Relationships built on strong partnership principles with farmers, suppliers and other key players in the food supply chain are more important than ever in light of today’s increasingly complex challenges and opportunities in food production.

Being customer centric and operating at the lowest possible cost is what ForFarmers stands for. We invest continuously in improving our processes and systems to achieve operational excellence.

Innovation lies at the heart of what we do. This means increasing investments in digitalization and strengthening our team and partnerships for ongoing nutritional improvements. It also means focus on next level innovations combining data, nutrition and operations.

The needs of our farmers are dynamic and differ per market. Detailed commercial plans in combination with our total feed portfolio, excellent team of advisors and supporting technology assure, that we serve farmers in the best possible way.

For the Future of Farming we need to develop our knowledge and scale continuously. Next to our growth in home countries, we'll focus on acquisitions in key growth markets as well.

Check the official Press Release for more information.

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