Mission, Vission and Strategy
Mission, Vission and Strategy
Mission, Vission and Strategy

For the Future of Farming - That’s what we stand for

Our name says it all: ForFarmers. We are here for the farmers of today and tomorrow. We share their passion for farming; we speak the same language. Our main objective is to help more and more farmers. Our goal is clear: supporting them to achieve good returns and a robust long-term business model. How? By supporting them with the latest knowledge, advice and products on farm. In this way we enable farmers to effectively respond to the ever-changing needs of society.
Every day, farmers rely on our people and products. This enables them to deliver top performance and make progress. We are committed to that result and proud to work for this every day. For the Future of Farming.

A fresh perspective

For more than 125 years, we have proudly worked for and with farmers, side-by-side. With knowledge, experience and common sense, we constantly respond to changes that come our way. We take a fresh perspective on what is needed for a sustainable future for farmers and the agricultural industry as a whole.

The future society demands affordable and sustainable food. We play a vital role in this as our farmers, and livestock farming, complete the food cycle. In this way we are committed every day to making a difference for a sustainable future.

Our focus is clear. We are committed to reducing our own and our customers' carbon footprint. We are bringing more and more co-products back into the food chain and in this way we enhance circularity. And last but not least, we are committed to protecting biodiversity on our planet. In doing so, we take responsibility for a sustainable future working side-by-side with farmers and other partners in the food chain. Because together we can make progress.

Our foundation

  • Our knowledge, advice and products are the core of what we do to support farmers move forward. Working regionally, with our extensive knowledge of our industry, considering the needs of society, we strive for the best return on farm. We solve today's questions and are prepared for tomorrow.
  • Together we can make progress. Every day we visit our farmers, we stand side-by-side with them. As one team, we work on solutions. And together, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

Seeing and seizing opportunities

The growing focus in society on our industry gives us the opportunity to tell our story, and to listen to what is going on in society. In doing so, we are close to our customers. It is there, on farm level, where we make the difference.

This is how we see the future: side by side with farmers, solution-oriented, with an open mind. Resulting in affordable and sustainable food, For the Future of Farming.

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